“Hot Air” is More Like It….

It’s been said many times over that a liberal will never admit he’s a liberal. Bill Clinton ran as a “moderate”, then suddenly veered left after he got elected. (Yes, yes, and Hillary has “no intention” of ever running for political office… waitaminute….) Liberals will of course fervently deny it despite mounting piles of evidence. (Dan Rather? “Right down the center”. Mm Hmm.)

The news of the day is that the libs are once again pushing for their voice on talk radio. They’re creating their very own radio network — because nobody else seems to want to put them on the air. It’s just not fair, you see, that people actually want to listen to the likes of Rush Limbaugh (current drug controversy notwithstanding) and not Jay “Brain Stem” Marvin (a.k.a. “Who?”). The hysterical bit — and with these guys there’s always a hysterical bit — is that the name of their new network is… (drum roll please…) Central Air.

Yep. No leftists here. Right down the “center”. Mm Hmm.

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