An Open Letter to Cecile

Cecile DuBois, who is a freshman in high school, posted an article on her blog. The following is an open letter to her in response.

Cecile —

“Good on you” for standing up for yourself! One thing that may be difficult for you to see at your age, (but maybe not), that will become more apparent as you get older, is that kids in high school are for the most part just trying to fit in. There are probably a lot of kids who agree with you, who are afraid to speak up because they don’t want others to make fun of them or “hate” them.

Leftists commonly make accusations such as “racist” in lieu of actual logical argument, because they often don’t have one. Pay attention to the politics flying around the upcoming Presidential election and you will see the same type of thing happening.

There is an old saying in politics: “If you say something often enough, it might as well be true.” If they can keep repeating it enough times, people will believe it. You have to fight that, and you’ll have to fight it your whole life. That is why you hear people complain about “bias in the media” and such — one of the reasons modern leftists have taken the hold they have is because they are predominantly in journalism, education, and Hollywood. While Joe Citizen may be conservative, his voice is not heard by the teeming masses the way people in those three groups are.

You’ve also heard the phrase “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” That basically means “the people who influence children control the adults of the future”. Your teacher is flat-out wrong for mocking a student for having an opinion, and should be Fired for encouraging your classmates to mock you as well.

As a song said forty years ago (yeah, that’s before my time, too…) “The Times, They Are A-Changing”. I think that, slowly, the PC baloney is starting to fall away; and it is because of people such as you who are unafraid to stand up and point out the obvious — that the emperor has no clothes. Keep it up!

You will find your way.

With Great Respect,
Steve Rider

6 Responses to “An Open Letter to Cecile”

  1. Dan Janowak Says:

    "Our sons and our daughters are beyond their control."

    Someone is claiming to be able to control children??

  2. Dan Janowak Says:

    I am having trouble finding her actual essay. Is that posted anywhere or is everyone just outraged by her story?

  3. Strider Says:

    Yes, Dan, teachers have a huge amount of influence on children. Total control? No.

    BTW, Cecile’s essay isn’t posted, to my knowledge, but it’s not germaine to the story. Her original blog posting that sparked this whole thing is the first "Related Article’ listed above.

  4. Dan Janowak Says:

    ok which related article is that? specifics man, I’ve read a few related articles. 🙂

  5. cecile Says:

    Germane, you mean. That was a vocab word I had. Anyways, I posted my essay a couple entries before I posted ‘Conservative Ourburst’. Thanks for the support Steve! I really appreciate it!And hopefully someday I will rock the world, and thank you and other people for your support.Cheers, and God Bless,C

  6. Strider Says:

    Waitaminute! Here I go and say something nice and the 13-year-old corrects my spelling? LOL

    Oddly enough, that made my day. This chick’s a kick. 🙂

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