Not him again.

I noted an article that quotes Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine) as asking “Why are Americans so obsessed with terrorism in the first place? Sept. 11 was horrific. But the typical citizen has almost no chance of encountering terrorists.”

Let’s see… how many people were hit by the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

At least 3,000 or so, obviously and directly.

All of the friends and relatives of all 3,000 or so “direct” victims.

All the people who lost their jobs, or whose company was hurt, or whose stock ownership in those companies were hurt, because their company was blown up. Add all the companies (and employees et al) who were closely associated with those companies.

Then add everyone who lost his or her job when major airlines went bankrupt because people were afraid to fly. Let’s throw in all the people working in tourist areas worldwide who were similarly struck.

Everyone who was hit economically by the trillion or so dollars we lost in a single day, not to mention the billions we have spent since trying to prevent further attacks. Oh, and the additional tax burden on every tax-paying American to pay for all that additional security, attempts to bail out flailing airlines, etc.

Shall we include the fear and disgust in the hearts of everyone who turned on their television in the weeks following? All that beyond the newfound fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time the next time some subhuman filth decides to indisciminantly murder as many people as he can. Me? I worked across the street from the Sears Tower when 9/11 hit. No, I’m not sitting next to a great big bullseye! Thanks, Michael, for clearing that up for us.

If anyone out there is as sick of this guy as I am, I humbly suggest that you consider boycotting Disney, which is the source of funding for Moore’s next crockumentary, Fahrenheit 911. Write them a nice letter telling them why you’re not going to their latest film, or buying their new DVD, or visiting a certain Orlando theme park.

Addresses for Disney and their subsidiary, Miramax, follow:

Walt Disney Corporation
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521
Phone: (818) 560-1000
FAX: (818) 560-1930

Miramax Film Corp.
375 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10013
212-941-3836 Fax

2 Responses to “Not him again.”

  1. SagaMK Says:

    Of course, you competely leave out the fact that everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.

    His attitude is only part of the problem; the fact that he can’t support his own arguments with the truth makes him far worse than a pot stirrer. It makes him dangerous. Misinformation is more damaging than the truth- and we all know what the truth can do to politicians. But if people make their decisions from false information, they are very likely to make the wrong choice.

    At least Mark twain and Jonathan Swift could speak calmly and intellegently about the subjects that they felt strongly about. All Moore can do is rant and rave and distort the issues. If he spent more time talking about how to fix the problem rather than where to fix the blame, I might be able to find some respect for him. Instead, all I can dredge up is disgust.

  2. Dan Says:

    If you look at any source of writing, script, or basically communication, even mine, I find it important to measure who they are as well as what they are saying. Does it line up with what others are saying and how reliable are those sources? Most are extremely reliable for putting out a particular type of message, which is to say ‘bent’ to a particular view. Fox vs CNN vs Bill Maher.

    I found some of Moore’s films interesting not because of what he said. I found some of the most intersting things in what some of the loonies said and did.

    There was one guy who sleeps with a revolver who seemed to be a cross between a conspiracy theorist and a michigan militia type who was also paranoid. He wouldn’t let the camera man into his bedroom, where he showed Moore his revolver and then put it into his own mouth because he thought it was funny or something. Moore objected and said don’t do that. They found him because of relation or knowing Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma bomber.

    There was the 20 something in Michigan who was upset for not being number one on the list of people that the FBI would suspect for causing trouble with either bombs or weapons.

    What people say about other people tells you more about the speaker than the target.

    I give Moore credit for getting loonies to prove who they really are. That is easier done by being a sympathizer or appearing as one. Covert FBI and CIA operatives use this technique.

    The FBI could use Moore’s films to find dangerous individuals and movements.

    I don’t disgust Moore anymore. I used to think the Simpsons were vile, and then they began to have a message and were somewhat sanitized. Moore gets credit for getting loonies to talk and for showing us all that the world in our own backyard does have some loonies.

    I agree that misinformation is more damaging. But it is damaging to people who don’t check things out or maybe are easily swayed. The best way to prevent the misinformation is to teach people how to spot it. Teach people how to see the spin. It’s a word smithing trait or skill.

    I asked my roommate to buy me a sheaf of paper. He just knocked on my door and gave me it saying "I just reamed you." Funny guy. I ask for a sheaf of paper and he gives me a ream of paper. I didn’t make this up. You can ask him.

    I view manipulation as a request for a particular course of action. Then I decide whether to honor that request or renegotiate.

    The things that disgust people manipulate them and much of the time causes them to become blind towards certain sources of information or blind towards certain things.

    Moore is about revealing things and he focuses on certain things. If you don’t want to see the problems he finds, then it is certainly your right not to watch him. But then you aren’t going to be as fully informed as you could be. I watched the stuff so I could better understand my roommates. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t be able to have an informed decision about Moore. I might just despise him. But once I see what he is about and I have a chance to think about what he is about, the more I understand him and can remove his ‘spin’. It also shows me a little more about the type of people who like Moore, which I might be misled in thinking are mostly non republicans.

    I like getting to know the inputs that people absorb because it is usually the most telling thing about them. And if I understand which things they accept or what words they accept, then it is easier for me to communicate with them.

    I want to understand how to communicate with people on their level as much as possible. It is important to me. I finally broke through into a college roommate’s mentality by listening and reading the words to his favorite CD at the time whiel he showed it to me and played it for me. It was important because it allowed me to teach him Calc, which he had failed or dropped out of twice before. He was a top HS student who always competed with the others. But at Madison there wasn’t a peer group to compete with, because there were 50,000 students? Which group do you compete with? In any case, he didn’t need my help, he needed my encouragement and disciplining. I could only give that by understanding him.

    What Russia and Putin says, as well as the others, will tell you a lot about the state of being in the country. The US is happy to see this control coming over Russia, but is also sad. The happy part is that there is probably going to be strong or stronger control over military equipment getting into the hands of less reputables. The sad part is a significant decrease in democratic like processes. Unfortunately the easiest and quickest and most asssured way to dry up a source of weapons for terrorists is a strong autocracy or oligarchy.

    The line of free europe after WWII is essentially the same line that Napoleon conquered and instilled with his chosen form of rulership. The people came to like it as it made power seemingly available to the average joe. Napoleon didn’t conquer Russia, and the people still seem to prefer the oligarchy or autocracy. They just don’t have experience enough to choose it.

    Dealing with misinformation is better done by learning to decipher it and unspin it, than it is to shut it up.

    By viewing manipulation as a request for a particular view or particular action, it allows manipulation to be viewed as nothing. Most people react badly when they think that they are being ‘manipulated’. If a person think someone is looking at them, some men strut and some women preen, while some thieves get nervous and move away. That is how easy manipulation or being fed misinformation is. And the more we react by shutting it out, the longer it will hold us in its power and cause us to react to it.

    I debunk things by finding out which pieces are true and then playing the whole spin backwards to determine the intended message. Some of the message isn’t worth a damn, but I can’t find out which pieces to ignore if I don’t look.

    If nothing else, what a person says tells me about that person. So basically all messages have value, but there may be reason not to further listen to a particular source. Or you know what to listen for. 😀

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