Give Early and Give Often

Spirit of America is literally saving lives (theirs and ours) in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s a program of goodwill entirely funded by donations, which allows the Marines to give Iraqi children toys and school supplies, and Iraqi trademen tools they need to rebuild. They are also building television stations to offset the misinformation being spread by Al Jazeera (an Arab media network). Here is one example from the site of the good they are doing:

“Through baseball, school supplies and a genuine desire to help the people of Orgun-e [(a remote village in eastern Afghanistan)], the American troops built close and positive relations with the villagers. Later, one night the soldiers suffered a rocket attack from Al Qaeda that had snuck into the village from Pakistan. In response, the people of Orgun-e formed a ‘community watch’. Every night they patrolled the village area to protect the American soldiers. The rocket attacks stopped. Sergeant Smith says, ‘Once they saw we had a true blue interest in them, they joined with us. The things we did to help people in Orgun-e literally saved lives. Theirs and ours.'”

(emphasis mine)

Give $5. Give $100 if you have it. However much it is, go make a donation.


Holy Cow! I should have said “Give 1.5 million!” From the Wall Street Journal:

The column describing Spirit of America’s effort to raise $100,000 for the TV stations appeared in this space 14 days ago. Since then, the following has happened:

Jim Hake, Spirit of America’s entrepreneur founder, says they have received $1.52 million. Some 7,000 donations have come from every state, and one from . . . France.

Keep it rolling in, folks! It’s doing a lot of good.

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