There’s Only One???

Dan writes:

Where is the April Fools Day posting???

The fan of your website wants an April Fools Day posting. He doesn’t really mind what topic. Maybe Americans have been on Mars for 8 years or the Chinese pilot that ‘killed’ himself flying into the American recon plane had died in a space related accident and that the air crash accident was a cover up to make the Chinese angry at the Americans.

So what is on the far side of the moon?

Heh. Ummm… the joke was making you wait for an April Fools post. No really. Kind of a variation on the old “How do you keep an idiot in suspense?” joke. (Or my personal favorite, the one that starts “Three nuns and a hooker walk into a bar….” I’ll tell you the rest later.)

It’s funny — I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I posted. Guess it has to do with my dealing with some major upcoming life changes and all… I’m getting hitched in August and I’m moving before the end of this month! That and that fact that, beyond speculating on just who John Kerry’s mysterious foreign supporters are (yawn… “Kim Jong Il”?) the political landscape hasn’t grabbed my attention spectacularly. Others have commented quite nicely on Spanish Cowardice, and as for the killings in Falluja, well…. I find the silence far more interesting than an instant response. We will find them — the morons taped themselves.

Oh, sorry. I’m supposed to be funny, right? My Bad. I guess I’m just not feeling very funny today; I’ve been under the weather all week, and busy and tired at the same time. If you want to be amused, go check out some bleats. If Lileks isn’t your style, there’s always The Onion.

I’ll see what I can drum up over the weekend. ‘Til Next time.

One Response to “There’s Only One???”

  1. Dan Says:

    There is that rule about the candidate with the most ties to british royalty winning the White House. There is never any mention of German ties. French ties… aren’t those bonnets? sorry. 🙂 I wonder if ties to french royalty improve the chances of getting into the White House or detract from chances of getting into the White House. I guess this election will give an indication?

    France: conquering the world through diplomacy… and getting your guy in the White House.

    Have fun drumming. If you need help moving/pakcing etc, I’m free.

    Good luck getting everything done AND keeping your wits about you. Is humor the first thing that goes?

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