Wait… This is Real?

I thought this <link> was one of the more funny spoofs I’d seen in quite a while, until I realized it’s real. Somebody call the NAACP… or ASPCA… or whoever. This is very insensitive to fat cops everywhere.

One Response to “Wait… This is Real?”

  1. Dan Says:

    As a kid I could eat a dozen donuts for my ‘birthday’ breakfast, although I usually only ate 10. And that is in one sitting. I remember the time I wanted 5 hamburgers from McDonalds as my uncle, dad, grandpa, and my brother drove up to Canada for fishing. My dad said no. I could have 2 and if I was still hungry… I ended up eating 5. It was the last real food. Oh sure there was plenty of fish to eat… blech. I guess it is an acquired taste. It isn’t so bad now.

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