Thanks! (I think)

I’ve been preparing for my wedding in August, and my fiancée and I went to meet with a potential photographer. I had initially emailed him to set up the appointment, and here we were sitting in his office. We sat and talked with him for a while, looked at albums, and went over our options, and as we were wrapping up, he asked for my email address.

I gave it to him, and he said, “Striderweb… what is that? Is that a portal?”

“No,” I replied. “That’s me. I own it.”

Suddenly his face lit up, and he said excitedly, “Oh! You’re the blog guy! I’ve seen your website!”

“Well, I have a blog on my site, but I would be surprised if you’ve seen it….” My readership, after all, is not particularly large at this point. (Hello, you two.)

“No! I went and looked at it when I saw you email address! You have all that Iraq stuff! It’s really good! I mean I don’t agree with anything you said, but it was really good!”

***ahem*** I think I’ve been complemented. I think.

Actually, it was just a funny moment that I though was worth telling. I’ll take it as good news when someone who disagrees with me complements me anyway. It’s a refreshing change from the venom I see regularly in the blogosphere (or on the nightly news).

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