Hello Iraq, You’re On The Air

The AP has an article about Iraqi talk radio. They report:

I send my congratulations to all Iraqis and every Iraqi home, Um Yassin gushed, her voice choked with emotion, while calling in to Iraq’s first, independent talk radio station, Radio Dijla. I want to tell Dr. Allawi to be bold, to be strong. We need him to build up the army because we need them at a time like this.

Her message was echoed by dozens of people on the day interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi was given a letter that transferred sovereignty of the country back to its citizens[…].

Popular Iraqi radio host Rashid Limbaugh echoed the sentiment while fielding further calls from scores of jubilant Iraqis. Meanwhile, Baathist rabblerouser Ali Franquin’s short-lived show was cancelled after listeners protested his encouraging terrorists on the air.

Hat Tip: Captain’s Quarters

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