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This Just In: Benevolent France Saves USA From Its Own Folly

NEW YORK — The U.N. Security Council on Wednesday unanimously backed a plan for Iraq that President Bush deemed a catalyst for change.

Under the plan, which was approved 15-0, Iraqi leaders will have control of the country’s security forces, and Washington and Iraq’s new interim government promised to work out a policy on how to cooperate on sensitive offensive operations.

France would have liked a clearer definition of the relationship between the new Iraqi government and multinational force….

That doesn’t stop us from a positive vote in New York to help in a constructive way find a positive exit to this tragedy, [French Foreign Minister Michel] Barnier told France-Inter radio.

Two days earlier, at the D-Day commemoration celebrations at Normandy, the same French official said:

The Americans clearly understood, after months and months of military operations, that there was no way out by arms, by military operations in Iraq. Washington understood that we have to get out of this tragedy by the high road.

French arrogance no longer surprises me, I suppose, but watch them squirm here. Having gone to the U.S. and demanded changes to the U.N. Iraq resolution, they got to watch as the U.S. took it under consideration and then implemented exactly none of the changes. Now they repeatedly refer to the most successful military campaign in history as a tragedy, and spout off about how Washington has seen the error of its ways and finally agreed to take the French high road in order to get out.

Never mind that the broad sweep of events has gone precisely according to the the plan that the U.S. has been following since Day One. Never mind that the Iraqi government has repeatedly thanked the U.S.A. (not the U.N.) for liberating them. It is this vote that grants credibility of the interim government in the eyes of [the Iraqi] people. Thank you, oh wise and generous France, for showing the error of our ways.


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