Hot Air, pt. 3

Update 27 Oct 04: I changed the name of this entry, as it is more relevant to media bias (Which I’ve been calling “Hot Air”) than shamelessly lying politicians (“Lying Bastards”).

Here they go again.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the story at the New York Times where they tell all about Bush losing 350 tons of high explosive because he didn’t bother to guard it?

Oopsie. Turns out NBC had reporters embedded in the Army unit that originally checked the place out in the early days of the war, and the stuff was already gone when we got there (CNN also has an article). Seems Saddam (or someone else?) spirited it all away while were were spinning our wheels at the UN.

Now Kerry is beating the pulpit and decrying the utter failure of Bush to protect these weapons and keep them out of the hands of terrorists. Surely he’s not suggesting we should have gone in sooner??? — which is the only possible way we could have prevented the disappearance of weapons that were gone before we got there.

Now where the hell did I leave my pitchfork? Ah, there it is, right next to that flaming torch….

Hat Tip: The Truth Laid Bear.

Post Script: Don’t be surprised if one more “fake but accurate” damning story about Bush comes out just before election day.

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