How come I’m never invited to the good parties?

From James Lileks:

Spent the night at the Patriot Forum, sponsored by The Patriot radio station, AM 1280. Who was there? Patriots! What did we discuss? Patriotism! We all faced a giant picture of Arnold (black and white, strategically lit from below) and toasted Our Secret Fuhrer with wine served in the hollowed-out skulls of our enemies. Then we sing!

Rove Rove Rove your vote
Harshly â??till they scream
Hatefully hatefully hatefully hatefully
Life is just an unending opportunity to maximize global inequities and convert the resources of the third world into profits for a thin stratum of our plutocracy and meaningless diversionary consumer products for a bloated spoonfed sheeple whose obsequience and inability to apprehend our true agenda ensures the perpetuation of injustice

Itâ??s fun when we do it as a round, because people really have to get that last line out fast. But we practice at home for just such moments.

Jim! Buddy! Give me a call next time — I can do the harmony part!

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