Lying Bastards

Okay, let’s take care of this “Bush will Bring Back the Draft” lie once and for all.

First off, the only people even mentioning bringing back the draft are the Democrats. The only people who have brought up the possibility of it during this entire war have been the Democrats. That “bring back the draft” bill (H.R. 163) that was in Congress recently? The Democrats (six of them) introduced it, and only Democrats (two of them) voted for it. Please note, if you haven’t already, that the Democrats have a vested interest in you thinking that the draft might come back if Bush is re-elected.

When the bill was introduced, the vote in the House of Representatives was 402 to 2 against it. You see, the President can’t just wave his hand and bring back the draft, even if he wants to (which Bush doesn’t). Only Congress can do that, and when they voted on that very question, 99.75% of the Representatives in the House voted against it.

Unless fully half of the Representatives in the House change their mind, it can’t happen (and I repeat, even if the President wanted it to, which he doesn’t).

The disgusting part of this whole thing is that John F’ing Kerry and everyone else who has brought up the specter of a potential draft, knows it’s not going to happen, but is saying it anyways. That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is fraud, plain and simple. He is so desperate to demonize his opponent that he is looking us dead in the eye and lying his ass off.

H.R. 163 was introduced in January of 2003. There was so little support for it that the Democrats knew it had no chance of passing — so why did they introduce it? To bring the issue into existence. Now they had something to point to, an excuse to say “some people tried to bring back the draft — it could happen!” In essence, they planted evidence, planning to use it later. If you find that hard to believe, I will point out (as mentioned above) that six Democrats introduced the bill, but only two voted for it — why introduce a bill you don’t want to pass?

Remember that, every time you read another op-ed in the paper about the potential for a draft. Every time John Kerry or John Edwards stand up on another podium and say, “We won’t bring back the draft, but Bush might,” they are trying to win your vote by frightening you with a flat out-lie.

There is absolutely nothing John Kerry will not do or say to get into the White House. There is nothing his party won’t do to put him there. That is precisely why he must never get there.

Update: Z asked me why I wrote this, as he said it is “pretty much a dead issue in the Internet”. I wrote it because I have recently had two separate conversations with friends who were convinced that the Draft was coming back. If I reach one person who didn’t see it elsewhere, it was worth the time it took to write.

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