An open letter to the NRA

The following is an open letter to the NRA that I sent them today via their website:

I’m writing to make a comment about your solicitation practices.

First off, to give you some perspective, I’ll say that I am a strong proponent of 2nd Amendment rights, generally socially conservative, and a Republican. I’ve given money to the NRA in the past, and probably will at some point in the future.

That being said, you have got to seriously rethink the way you solicit donations on the phone. On a semi-regular basis, I get a call from the NRA with a (live) person saying [NRA President] Wayne LaPierre has an important message; please listen to a recording and then the live person will come back on the line. They then kick me over to a recording of Mr. LaPierre.

So far so good.

Wayne La Pierre, however, comes on and starts yelling at me. He is so strident and insistent, and so blatantly uses the same sorts of shallow rhetorical tricks used by the most reprehensible of the “moonbat” wing of the Left, that quite frankly he makes me want to disassociate myself from his organization.

In short, he sounds like a nutcase.

If I didn’t already support gun rights, there is no way in hell this shove-it-in-your-face intensity would convince me. It would simply reinforce the media-driven negative image of “gun nuts” as dangerous lunatics.

You are doing your organization, the 2nd Amendment, and the country a disservice.

The meaning of your message is sound, but the delivery is disastrous.

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