A Little Song, A Little Dance

Thursday after work I was running out to the store, and I asked the wife if she wanted to come along. She replied, “No, I’m pretty tired. You kept me up too late last night listening to a guy who sings about masturbation.”

That may be true, but she’s the one who wanted to swing dance when he started singing about sex and beer.

2 Responses to “A Little Song, A Little Dance”

  1. Not important Says:

    Staying up late to dance to a song about sex and beer, huh? Why not miss the sleep by actually having sex and beer!

  2. Strider Says:

    Well, come on! We have to take break once in a while, you know?

    Pat McCurdy is pretty funny, actually. We also met my brother and some friends at the bar where he was playing. All in all a most agreeable night out.

    Also, there was indeed beer present.

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