It would be funny if it weren’t tragic.

So let’s see…

In the news recently, we have seen the following: A captured “suicide” bomber (he survived his own bomb) tells interrogators that he was told someone would take the explosives from him, and that he had not known his compatriots were going to trigger the explosion with him still in the van; terrorists use a mentally retarded “suicide” bomber; terrorists fake a kidnapping by releasing blurry photos of a GI Joe-like soldier action figure and threatening to cut its head off.

Is it just me or are the terrorists in Iraq getting desperate?

Note: I put quotes around the word “suicide” in both cases above because it seems clear in one case, and likely in the other, that the person in question did not intend to commit suicide. Also note that I did not say “Iraqi terrorists”, but “terrorists in Iraq” — there is a difference.

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