Why does this remind me of me?

As I read this article I felt an odd feeling of familiarity stir within me:

I was recently handed the task… of replacing my grandmother’s ancient Macintosh with something she could use to connect to the Internet just to send email.� Some background:� My grandma Helen is 89 years old, is always smiling, has a touch of Alzheimer’s, and for the last decade or so, she has been running Macintosh System 7.5 on an old LC II….

[I]t came time to choose a window manager.� It’s easy to narrow the field of dozens down to just three – KDE, Gnome and XFce…. I installed all three so that Grandma could decide when she logs on which desktop environment she wants to use during her session.� Sometimes she might want more speed than eye candy, but sometimes she might want to do something in style even if it eats up extra clock cycles.

So that’s what Mom has been complaining about all these years.

In my defense, although Mom’s assertion that I “have three ways of explaining everything” is not only true, but an understatement, I usually only give her one or two of those explanations — the “basic” and the “efficient” way of doing something.

(Mind you, she’s a computer wiz when it comes time to figure out how to play video poker, but dragging a folder to a Zip disk to do a backup remains beyond her to this day.)

Also: While that article reminds me of me, this one reminds me of them.

Hat Tip to The Shape of Days for both articles.

One Response to “Why does this remind me of me?”

  1. Meghan Says:

    Okay, I read about two and a half sentences of the first article before my eyes glazed over, and about half a sentence of the second before I rolled my eyes. So, I’ll have to take your word for it. =)

    But I also understand the point of "just tell me what to do." Often when learning something new, a person does not want to know WHY they are doing something, they just want to know HOW. The why comes later, after the how has taken root. Concentrating too early on the why only serves to confuse an already confused person. When a person like that is identified, don’t even bother with why, or because, or so- just what.

    Just remember "How now, why later."


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