Start [sic] Wars, Chapter II

A few weeks ago I wrote:

Yesterday a co-worker made mention of the upcoming Start Wars movie, and my response was â??Oh, does that open this weekend?â? He replied â??noâ?, it opens on such-and-such weekend, but thereâ??s a preview opening so-and-so days earlier. I promptly forgot whatever the heck dates and such that he told me.

Iâ??m a miserable failure as a nerd! *sob*

Though Iâ??m still apparently a successful geekâ?¦.

(â?¦and Iâ??m eagerly anticipating the release of this movie, so thatâ??s something.)

The link in the parenthetical note at the end leads to the trailer for the upcoming movie Serenity. It seems that great minds think alike.

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