To whom can he appeal?

A friend emails me this amusing bit of backlash. Seems that activists want Supreme Court judge Souter’s house to be claimed under eminent domain and turned into a hotel, which would include the “Just Desserts Cafe” and a museum to the “loss of freedom in America”. (Souter was part of the recent majority decision that hugely expanded government’s ability to seize private property under eminent domain and turn it over to private developers.) Though seemingly tongue-in-cheek, I hope they put up a serious fight. It appears that they’re going to.

In light of that, this is my favorite part:

“Am I taking this seriously? But of course,” said Charles Meany, [the town]’s code enforcement officer. “In lieu of the recent Supreme Court decision, I would imagine that some people are pretty much upset. If it is their right to pursue this type of end, then by all means let the process begin.”

I wonder how hard it would be for Souter to get the Supreme Court to hear his case?

More info can be found at Freestar Media.

The outcry against the Supremes’ decision is so strong from all directions that I have little doubt that the decision will be, in effect, overturned by changes in the law. (Personally, I’m hoping for a Constitutional Amendment clarifying the intent of the 5th Amendment). The biggest concern is how many people are going to be burned before that happens. Lets hope our lawmakers move very quickly.

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