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“Police are investigating the possibility that the four men who attacked the double-decker bus and three London subways July 7 were homicide bombers.”

Source: Associated Press via Fox News

This is a golden example of the linguistic contortions common to Political Correctness severely distorting the meaning of what is being said. To put it another way, I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that, yes, the bombers meant to kill people when they put a big-ass bomb on a bus during rush hour! Thus: “homicide”. Thus: “homicide bomber”.

Perhaps they meant to say police were investigating whether or not the four men were “suicide bombers”. Pardon me if I’m being presumptuous here. Somehow, I think I’m not.

2 Responses to “Ya Think?”

  1. Cerberus Says:

    It is totured language, but of course the term suicide bomber is somewhat of a misnomer as well. A bomber who blows himself up (because he is the delivery system) happens to also commit suicide in the course of mass homicide. Some seem to think that the term “suicide bomber” has come to be a term that focuses too much on the bomb delivery system and not his/her victims.

    What other term could we use? Deranged madman with a bomb strapped to himself is too long to ever be in vogue with the media. Human bomb might work.

  2. Strider Says:

    In this particular case, however, the point that authorities were trying to distinguish is whether or not the bomber committed suicide in the act of setting of the bombs (as opposed to planting them and leaving). Whether or not it was homicide is not in question.

    In more general terms, you have a good point. Personally, I think that the word “bomber” itself sufficiently suggests the sowing of destruction, mayhem, and indiscriminant death inherent in this particular act. If I set off explosives in an uninhabited area, is it a “bombing” or merely an “explosion”? If I blow up somebody’s mailbox in the dead of night, it’s “vandalism”; but if I rig the same mailbox to blow when someone opens it, it becomes a “bombing” (and “murder”, and perhaps “assassination”).

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