Convention Pics

Hi all! This is a quick late-night post live from Gen Con in Indianapolis — a gaming convention that I’ve been attending for years. I used to go every single year, but this is the first time in about three years that I’ve made it out. (I’ve been missing it because, for example, I was busy getting married about this time last year!)

Anyway, I’ll post more details later when I’m more awake and alert, but I thought I’d go ahead and throw a few pictures your way. Note that despite what these pics show, this is primarily a game convention, not costumes whatnot. It just that pictures of people sitting at tables playing games tend to be really really boring….


Actually, this is just a random building near my hotel, but I thought it was neat.

Hey! It’s the guy from Barney Miller! (Oh, and Firefly)

You will notice if you look closely that at the end of this man’s golf club is a little tiny Arnold Palmer swinging at a little tiny golf ball. (I’ll post a little better picture of this a bit later.) Yes, this is an “official” Arnold Palmer product.

This attractive young lady appears to have used a bit too much self-tanning lotion.

Gandalf the Grey enjoys a smoke just outside the convention center.

The KODT live reading takes a turn for the weird. Or is that statement redundant?

That’s all for now. More details about the Con later….

Update: One more pic. It’s a good’un.

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