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I’ve been reading Cerberus’ blog ever since I discovered it, and though it has been linked in my sidebar for quite a while now, I thought I’d go ahead and draw some much-deserved attention to it by pointing out some of the best recent posts. I’ve deliberately picked disparate posts that show some if his breadth of topic — he writes about a lot of different stuff, and is usually a good read. Nobody is perfect of course, the man has his lackluster days, but when he’s good he’s golden.

From Cerberus:
Can They Astonish Their Enemies? — ruminations on the nascent Iraqi Constitution

Competitors — Woof. Quack. An uncharacteristically cute story coming from this blog, but as nicely done as any other. Accompanied by a highly amusing picture.

Crap Sells — On journalists and other whores. Bonus: “Jacking with People: a Cop’s Story” (Cerberus is a real cop in an unspecified “Some City” USA)

Was It Necessary? — regarding the nuking of Japan in WWII

and from a little further back…. (Cerb, you really need a Search function!)

And Then, That Cop, He Shot Me for no Good Reason!


That Was Stupid. Here’s Your Bill.

That is all. The man is a good writer.

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