Flood of Corruption

There are times when it takes a huge strength of willpower to not let loose with a vomitous stream of the foulest language that ever spewed forth from the mouth of a sailor.

From The New York Times via Darleen’s Place:

NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 4 – A day after two police suicides and the abrupt resignations or desertions of up to 200 police officers, defiant city officials on Sunday began offering five-day vacations – and even trips to Las Vegas – to the police, firefighters and city emergency workers and their families.

[New Orleans Mayor C. Ray] Nagin[…] said he had asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency to pay for the trips but the agency said it could not. He said the city, therefore, would pay the costs.

He said he believed there were now enough National Guard members in the city to allow the police to take a break and still keep the city secure[….]

Officials said they expected the military, with much greater resources, to expand rescue work, begin cleaning up the city and take the first steps toward reconstruction. …

New Orleans officials said they would remain in charge.

This is the most absurd manifestation of the welfare state mentality I’ve ever heard of. “Ehh… it’s somebody’s else’s responsibility to take care of us. Y’all can do all the hard work, but we still get to call the shots.” What kind of twisted thinking can possibly conclude that now is a good time to all go on vacation?

Those bastards should get a free trip alright: to jail. Let’s start with the mayor. Who the hell does that son of a bitch think he is?

Also, as the City of New Orleans most certainly does not have the money to pay for its own rebuilding without Federal funding, anything that the city “pays for” now is actually coming out of your pocket and mine. The New Orleans and Louisiana governments completely, totally dropped the ball in preparing for this disaster, and now they feel the need to reward themselves sucking free vacations from the federal taxpayer teat?

I can think of one or two other things you can suck on first, Mayor Nagin.

Update: Sort of mixed my metaphors up there. To clarify: the “bastards” who should be in jail are the corrupt/incompetent powers that be in New Orleans and Louisiana, not the front line cops et al who are trying to keep the place in one piece. I do, however, include the cops who were joining in the looting. Those are the lowest scum in the place.

Update 8 Sept. 2005: Wizbang disagrees.

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