Sakes Alive! A *Girl*??? Naw… Cain’t be!

Ryan Rhodes has a post about Commander in Chief, the much-hyped new show on ABC about (*gasp*!) a female President of the U.S.

Briefly stated, he says the show was terrible. To whit:

It occurs to me that, if CiC were to tank, as the first episode seems to indicate it will, a lot of people will steadfastly maintain that it’s because knuckle-dragging Americans can’t accept the idea of a female president, and they’ll be totally oblivious to the obvious inadaquacies of the show itself.

I was immediately reminded of Ellen Degeneres’ ill-fated show, Ellen. The ratings were bad, so they decided to spice things up a bit by having her character “come out”. The network then proceeded to furiously wave the banner and tout the fact that their show had the first openly gay main character in TV history.

The show was cancelled at the end of the season.

Our TVs were barely cool when the politios started decrying the failure of the show as proof positive that the neanderthal mainstream American society “just weren’t ready” for a show focusing on a gay character. How Intolerant! How Cruel! How… oh, hey, look Will and Grace is on! Uh… where was I?

Will and Grace premiered a couple months after Ellen‘s last gasp. It’s amazing how enlightened the teeming masses in America became in one short summer….

History repeats itself, and never moreso than in Hollywood and Washington DC. I have little doubt that if Commander in Chief gets canned, Ryan will suddenly seem startlingly prescient.

Note: Jeff has another interesting take on the show, here.

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