On Satire and the “Religion of Peace”

Please note: You’re not allowed to call yourselves followers of a “religion of peace” if you riot and make death threats over a political cartoon.

And just to put this whole Mohammad caricature thing in perspective… you might remember several years back when some jackass put a Crucifix in a jar of urine, took a picture, dubbed it “Piss Christ”, and sold it to a major American art museum. There was a furor among Christians, sure, but…

  1. A large part of the furor was the fact that Christians were being forced to pay for the thing, as it had been purchased and was being displayed at taxpayer expense, and
  2. I don’t seem to recall riots and threats of violence. My memory is a little fuzzy here, but I think I missed the news of the museum director receiving dozens of death threats, as the publisher of the cartoon mocking Islam has.
  3. Can you imagine what would happen if somebody were to make a “Piss Koran” piece and get it displayed a major museum?
    • (for that matter, can you imagine a museum that would buy the thing?)

A lot of people decry such statements, saying that this is the actions of some muslims, but not most of them. I’m still waiting for the major leaders of Islam to rise up and denounce such violence. Until that starts happening on a regular basis, I have a hard time believing those arguments.

Clarification: Yes, of course not all Muslims are nutcases; but much like the Democratic party in the U.S., the extremists seem to be running the show. As the Episcopalians once did with the Roman Catholics, perhaps it is time for reasonable muslims to separate themselves from their nominal religion.

Clarification on the clarification: I’m not trying to suggest that Roman Catholics are either “nutcases” or “unreasonable”. I am simply pointing out that sometimes people need to realize that the tenets of their organization have grown so different from what they individually believe, that the time has come to break off and form a new organization. Thus Episcopalians (and Protestants) from the Roman Catholics; thus the USA from England.

The images are here if you want to see…

2 Responses to “On Satire and the “Religion of Peace””

  1. Wormie Says:

    If western countries can ban Martin’s Scorsese’s depiction of Jesus as a normal man with sexual desires in the Last Temptation of Christ on grounds of blasphemy, then the same western countries should also ban publications of the caricatures depicting Prophet Mohammad. If they don’t, then the question is not one of freedom of speech but one of respect and human rights!

    For the record: On 1988, October 22, a French catholic fundamentalist group launched molotov cocktails inside the Parisian saint Michel movie theater to protest against the film projection. This terrorist attack injured thirteen people, four of them where severely burned.

    Just tell me which religion has no extremist?

    All religions are good, its the people that make them bad!

  2. Stephen Rider Says:

    1) *Any* sufficiently large group has extremists, whether it’s a religion, political faction, or the Dukes of Hazzard Fan Club.

    2) If any government bans any form of expression as blasphemous, it is a question of free speech.

    3) As to the theater bombing, it is at least notable that such a thing from Christian extremists is *unusual*. Violent Muslims seem to be in the news every day. To repeat a point I made in the main post, Iâ??m still waiting for the major leaders of Islam to rise up and denounce such violence. Instead, some of them are the ones stirring the pot.

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