Bad plan?

Gahrie asks:

Does anybody else think [Georgia Representative Cynthia McKinney] blew up this incident with the security guard on purpose because she knew the story about her spending money flying Isaac hayes [sic] out to her district was about to break?

Or am I giving her too much credit for being able to do something like that deliberately?

If it is all a scheme — thought I doubt it — it’s a really bad one. If this thing drags out much longer, McKinney may finally do to the race baiters (or “misery merchants”, as Tammy Bruce calls them) what Bill Clinton did to the Democratic party.

Unfortunately, (fortunately for the Jesses Jackson of the world), she’s not prominent enough to do as much damage to here “peeps” as Clinton did to his.

In related news, it appears Neil Boortz has been reading Pandagon

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