Dumb Dogs

Gut Rumbles has A funny(ish) dog story today. It reminded me of an encounter I had once upon a time….

I once came home to find my yellow labrador with her head stuck shoulder-deep in a large Milkbone box she’d fished out of the trash. Apparently it had been there for a while, because she was resting quietly on the ground, having apparently exhausted all attempts to get the thing off. As I walked a little closer, my foot scritched on some gravel, and she suddenly jumped up and started… well, “looking around” isn’t quite accurate, is it? I had mercy and went straight to her and pulled it off.

Naturally, the moment it was off, the little devil who sits on my left shoulder started whispering in my ear; so rather than disposing of the box, I casually placed it back on the ground and walked away.

Twenty minutes later I came back. There was the dog, resting quietly with her head stuck shoulder-deep in a large Milkbone box.

I was kind this time and got rid of the box. We could have gone all day, probably.

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