Regretfully, No.

A friend and New Orleans native writes me:

I found this great web site that is trying to save New Orleans from another hurricane. They are trying to collect 1 Million signatures so Congress will pass a bill to rebuild the levees stronger this time.

I just signed the pledge. Please sign now before you forget, go to

My reply follows:

Unfortunately none of that will do a damned bit of good until the massive corruption is cleaned out of the Louisiana political machine. That extra money will go straight into somebody’s pocket, just as it did last time….

You are aware, aren’t you, that the levees that failed were later found to have not been built to the specifications? In one case in particular, it was supposed to have been built with pylons going down 17 feet; the actual levee was built with pylons going down a mere 7 feet — less than half the required depth.

I read about that in one article, lost in the morass of screaming and finger pointing and “Bush didn’t do enough” bullshit. And I am terribly sad to say that I will not call for another dime of federal money for New Orleans until somebody at least tells me how we plan to identify and prosecute the people responsible for the corruption that specifically caused the levees to fail. Somewhere out there are individuals who pocketed the money slated for making those levees much stronger, and those people’s greed is directly responsible for the near total destruction of an American city. Worst, we’re pouring in more and more money, while doing nothing to prevent it from all happening again.

There are probably a good number of people who deserve to be in prison for this. For life.

… and nobody even seems to be looking for them.

I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.

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