Come Hell or High Water

A while back, on the topic of rebuilding the levees and New Orleans, I said:

Unfortunately none of that will do a damned bit of good until the massive corruption is cleaned out of the Louisiana political machine.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, the scattered citizens of NOLA have just re-elected Ray “Where Are Those Busses” Nagin for Mayor of their once-great burg. These idiots are on a sinking boat and can’t be bothered to start bailing.

Tammy Bruce also has an interesting take:

As is the case with deeply damaged individuals, perhaps the conditioned victimhood of the citizens of New Orleans is so ingrained, the idea of the situation truly changing frightens them too much.

Go with the disaster you know instead of the possibly better/couldn’t be worse alternate? Sounds like the Democrat stance on Social Security, among other things. Certainly sounds like the reasoning of a city population that is mostly in poverty and on welfare, and kept there by the same politicians they keep on electing — come hell or high water.

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