Plugin Hackery

This blog runs on WordPress, and one of the plugins I use to expand its abilities is the excellent Subscribe to Comments plugin.

In WordPress, there is a standardized folder for plugins. Part of the reason I like this is that when it comes time to do an update to WordPress — which generally entails deleting all the old files and replacing them with the new ones — it’s much easier if all the “third party” files are in one location so you don’t have to waste time rummaging around and trying to remember which files belong to which part of the program.

This plugin, however, doesn’t play nice. It requires you to dump a file into the core WordPress directory.

So I fixed it.

I took the files and modified them so that they work from the plugins folder. If anyone is interested, they can download the modified version right here.

That’s all. Thanks to the authors of the original script. They’ve put a lot of work into it; my mod took about half an hour.

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