Good and Evil

Maynard writes:

With all the sensationalism and mudslinging and spinning, I had hoped that Saddam’s trial might prove something of a counterweight against the screams and bleats of those who deplore our move into Iraq. Reporting Saddam’s horrendous atrocities would remind the world of the evil we stand against, and restore some much-needed moral clarity. We (America, that is) may make mistakes and we’re certainly imperfect, but who can read this and deny that we’re the good guys?

It’s a damned good question, except… we already know the answer (though some refuse to admit it).

“Pay no attention to Saddam’s trial! Hey look over here! Abu Graib photos!” Sound like anybody we know?

Actually that’s a good idea. Let’s see the mainstream media do a report comparing Abu Graib under Saddam to Abu Graib under U.S. control.

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