It has *something* to do with joints….

Ryan has a post insisting that Taco Bell’s new “Fourth Meal” campaign is aimed squarely at stoners with the munchies. I find myself forced to respectfully disagree.

I lived in Chicago for 8 years through my 20s. There was a taco joint across the street that was absolutely awesome. I used to eat there quite often, including at one or two in the morning from time to time. In fact, it was one of the main staples of my diet at the time.

It had nothing to do with drinking or getting stoned (as I do neither). It had a lot to do with being a complete and total night owl; if you’re gonna stay up until 2, that dinner you had at 6 just isn’t gonna cut it.

Actually, it was kind of funny when I started working for a band. I would come back from a gig at midnight or one in the morning, wearing a tux, and stop in for a taco or two. Got a lot of bemused looks from late-night college students.

Now I live in the burbs, and I would *kill* for a good taco joint. Taco Bell just doesn’t cut it.

(Oh, and that taco joint I loved so much? It was called… and I mean, literally, the name on the big sign over the door was… “Burrito Joint”. That just about sums it up.)

4 Responses to “It has *something* to do with joints….”

  1. Rob@L&R Says:

    Funny,… we have a place around here (Franconia, VA) called Burrito JOYNT, right next to a cop shop.

    hope that shows up OK… hard to tell w/o a preview function.

  2. Ryan Says:

    Well, there are ALWAYS exceptions.

  3. Strider Says:

    It’s funny, but it never quite registered until now that I didn’t have any preview function.

    …so I just added one. See? Service with a smile! 🙂 (I work cheap. They pay me in tacos)

  4. Rob@L&R Says:

    When I was stationed in San Diego, we had the opposite problem… up at 4am to be at school at 5:30.

    Carne Asada Burritos for breakfast? Oh, yeah… Adalberto’s is open 24/7.

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