Our Unbiased Media

I just heard this on the radio:

According to a new poll, “51% of Americans suspect that the Republicans may have covered up” the Foley IM-sex scandal.

Well, gee, Mass Media, could you have possibly haved asked a more squishy, meaningless question? Do I suspect that they might have done something? Let’s see… “Do you suspect it’s within the realm of possbility that maybe the Republicans might have theoretically covered up the alleged scandal?” There. That ought to do it.

Hell, I would have answered “Yes” to that original question. Of course something might have happened!

The only question worth asking, (if you think polls are ever worth a damned, which they’re generally not), would be something like: “Do you believe the Republicans covered up the scandal?” Of course, if they’d asked that , the results wouldn’t sound as bad for conservatives….

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