Sticks & Stones

For those of you living in remote caves, there’s been a media uproar recently over an off-the-cuff comment by radio personality Don Imus, in which he called members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team (most of whom are black) “nappy-headed hos”.

Naturally the country’s victocrats immediately came scurrying out of their holes to demand apologies, and upon receiving said apologies, ignoring them and demanding Imus’ summary dismissal from multiple jobs. Well. It’s nice to know that the Left isn’t interested in the politics of personal destruction.

I’m not defending what he said; it was an asshole thing to saybut that’s all it was. A good, proportional response would have been to say “What a dick”, shrug, and keep doing whatever you were doing. Some shock jock makes a rude statement and suddenly you’d think the sky was falling. I turn on the radio and hear one of the team members saying that she’s “scarred for life”, and some airhead whining about how it’s “time for the healing period to begin”.

Excuse me? This requires a “healing period”? One of the players is “scarred”?? “FOR LIFE”??? I’ve heard of thin-skinned people before, but if such a comment from a guy whose job it is to be shocking wounds you that deeply, you’re not thin-skinned, you’re completely skinless. Of Don Imus, I say “What an asshole”. Of the unidentified player who shall never recover from this grievous blow to her precious, precious, self-esteem, I say, “What a fucking wimp”.

See… at first we simply had a comment from a rude person, and that truly didn’t affect my opinion of you — as A) I wouldn’t have even heard it if you hadn’t made such a massive stink about it, and B) the comment itself is self-parodying when aimed toward a winning athletic team. But noooo, you had to open your mouth, and now your own foolish mawkishness has been exposed. You have now reported on yourself, and people will judge you for that.

Come on, ladies, you all learned it in kindergarden, didn’t you? Repeat after me: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me.” Okay, now that you’ve said it, do you know what it means?

It means that Imus’s words did you no harm. Any damage done to you by this incident is self-inflicted, in response to a boorish comment by some guy who knew nothing about you personally. Yes it was rude. Yes it was completely uncalled for. I don’t know that he was giving you enough thought for it even to qualify as “mean-spirited”, as that would require him to give a damn about you, which he clearly didn’t.

I have no issue with the idea of going to him (or his bosses) and wanting an apology; but to go around acting as though this incident has permanently damaged you crosses the line into a personal failing.

Oh, and when I called you a “fucking wimp” up there? Meaningless, unless you want it to mean something to you. You’re a grown up; suck it up. Or just shrug, say “What a jerk”, and move along.

Oh, and congratulations on making the championships.

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