The Disgrace of the National News Media


Don Imus calls some black women “nappy headed hos” and is excoriated throughout the press for weeks. A black prostitute accuses three white students of rape, and despite a complete lack of supporting evidence (and an abundance of evidence against), the “crime” is trumpeted throughout the land for months. Hell, an ex-stripper gold-digging bimbo dies and we never hear the end of it (This just in: Anna Nicole Smith is still dead.)

But when five blacks, some of whom belong to a black supremacist group, carjack, kidnap, torture, rape and finally murder two white students, you can hear crickets chirping over the sound of the mainstream media‘s reporting.

American Renaissance News: The Knoxville Horror: The Crime and the Cover-Up

[Channon] Christian picked up [boyfriend Christopher] Newsom in her 2005 Toyota 4-Runner. Some time just after midnight, Letalvis Cobbins, 24, along with his brother Lemaricus Davidson, 25, and George Thomas, 24, stopped the couple at gunpoint. Mr. Davidson had already been convicted of carjacking and aggravated robbery in Tennessee in 2001, but had served only five years.

The three men tied up the two whites and took them in the 4-Runner to an apartment where Mr. Cobbins and Mr. Davidson lived…. Mr. Cobbinsâ??s 18-year-old girlfriend, Vanessa Coleman, met them there.

All four, including, Miss Coleman, then engaged in an orgy of rape and violence. They anally gang-raped Mr. Newsom, and orally, anally, and vaginally gang-raped Channon Christian. They brutally beat both victims and poured cleaning fluid down Miss Christianâ??s throat. They killed Mr. Newsom, leaving him with â??multiple gunshot wounds,â? and set his corpse on fire.

They also killed Miss Christian.

Can somebody tell me why this is only being reported locally, and even them with not much coverage? Where is CBS? NBC? CNN? Fox News? Where is Jesse Jackson decrying the “hate crime”?

Oh, wait. The perpetrators were black, and the victims were white. Got it. Wouldn’t want to be insensitive.

To anyone who thinks I’m seeing bias where none exists: can you imagine the coverage this would have gotten if five skinheads had done this to two black students? It would’ve been front page news for six months! (This happened back in February, by the way….)

Singer Charlie Daniels says it well:

A free press is one of our most precious rights and a selective press one of our most dangerous realities…. I wonder what else they’re not reporting?

Well, gee Charlie. They’re so busy telling us about Paris Hilton’s DUI — I mean come on, there are only so many hours in a day, y’know?

(I don’t remember hearing much about this one, either.)

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