Does he wonder why?

The government of England has knighted Salman Rushdie — a novelist whose book “The Satanic Verses” inspired a fatwa against him in 1989.

In response…

Mohammed Ijaz ul-Haq, [Pakistan’s] religious affairs minister, told the Pakistani parliament in Islamabad. “The west is accusing Muslims of extremism and terrorism. If someone exploded a bomb on his body he would be right to do so unless the British government apologises and withdraws the ‘sir’ title.”

So… let me get this straight: The minister of religious affairs is calling for suicide bombers — that is, mass-murder — over a religious insult, and in the same breath he can’t figure out why those mean ol’ westerners accuse Muslims of extremism and terrorism?

I guess we’re now supposed to accuse them of astonishing stupidity as well? Rather than listening to him, Muslims would do well to riot in protest of people like Mohammed Ijaz ul-Haq.

In the eastern city of Multan, hardline Muslim students burned effigies of the Queen and Rushdie, chanting “Kill him! Kill him!”

Oh. Well never mind then. He’s helping to destroy what’s left of their culture — and it looks like other Muslims are going to let him.


Pakistan’s minister for parliamentary affairs, Sher Afgan Khan Niazi,[…] told MPs: “The ‘sir’ title from Britain for blasphemer Salman Rushdie has hurt the sentiments of the Muslims across the world. Every religion should be respected.

Madam, I have no respect whatsoever for the twisted amalgam of leftist relativism and medieval thuggery that you call “religion”. Islamism Delenda Est.

There are a lot of people out there who decry associating this type of thing with religion, claiming “That’s not really Islam”. Well folks, it is Islam, and will continue to be Islam for as long as Muslims continue to allow people such as these to represent them. If that’s not Islam then “real” Muslims the world over really need to think about reclaiming their religion from the monsters in charge.

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