Harry Guevara?

Brian on Pirates of the Caribbean 3:

Maybe I’m just a bit oversensitive to these kinds of hamfisted theatrics in movies these days, but the dual messages I got from [the movie’s opening scene] were: 1 Terrorists = Pirates; and 2 Pirates are the good guys. Nod nod wink wink. That, plus the fact that the baddies were all agents of the East India Company dun dun DUNNN rather than the British Empire, even to the extent of the Evil Officers body falling in an iconic “Y” onto the branching arms of the EIC flag floating in the water at the end, make me wonder if there is any movie that can conceivably be made these days thats safe from being turned into some kind of adolescent mewling about Guantanamo or WMDs. I confidently wait for the next Harry Potter installment, in which the Order of the Phoenix dons the wizarding equivalent of Che Guevara fatigues and storms the offices of the Ministry of Magic where robed desk clerks hunch over the paperwork for cushy no-bid contracts for Wizardburton.

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