“It’s BACONNNNNN!!!!!!!”

Or going the homer route: “Mmmmm… Baaaconnnn…”

How to make bacon placemats.

Photo: A placemat made of bacon

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[Update: Rivrdog over at Random Nuclear Strikes comments:

As soon as I find and pull the circuit breaker on the cholesterol alarm (which is masking the sound of the Fat alarm which will also have to be silenced), Iâ??ll thaw out a package of thick-sliced Fletcherâ??s and make one of those.

Personally, I like the idea of cutting the bacon in half and making perfectly sized burger-toppers. That’s only 1/4 of a pound of bacon each — much more healthy that way.]

[Update: For those who don’t know what the headline is referring to… it’s this classic advertisement.]

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  1. Random Nuclear Strikes » It’s What’s For Breakfast Says:

    […] Details and a recipe here. […]

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