Signs of the times

Gahrie grumbles

I’m driving home from work today, listening to… the radio, (contemporary pop) and all of a sudden I am “treated” to a commercial for HIV drugs. Have we truly gone that far? Are drug companies now competing for profits by selling HIV drugs? How sad is that?…

Is HIV nothing more than a bad case of hemorrhoids now?

That’s nothing, G. A few years ago there was a large billboard on the tollway as you came into Chicago — captioned:


It was an ad for paternity tests. Apparently there is a large enough market of women who have no idea who the father(s) of their child(ren) is/are that that expensive billboard was worth advertising to them.

All these years at the hands of the anointed who are going to bring us to a golden age by demanding that nobody is allowed to judge anybody else, and here we are. The more I think about it, the more I believe we are living in a diseased culture.

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  1. ErikZ Says:

    “Who’s the father?” has been a part of humanity since the dawn of time. 🙂

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