Geek. Geek’s Wife.

Two items:

  • Saturday morning I spent about an hour posting corrections and additions to the Wikipedia entry for Doctor Who. I didn’t have to look anything up.
  • Later the same day my wife wanted to test if you could write on a tile with marker and clean it off later. The test message she wrote was, and I quote:
    Hello World! :)”

Obviously she’s learning.

2 Responses to “Geek. Geek’s Wife.”

  1. johnbillion Says:

    But did it wipe off? Remember, tiles don’t have undo buttons 😉

  2. Stephen Rider Says:

    It wiped off cleanly (wet erase) up to two days later.

    Be careful trying this at home, kids! Some tile is more porous than others. These are porcelain bathroom tiles with a high-gloss surface. The floor tile with the more matte finish didn’t fare as well.

    [Update: These were loose tiles, and easily tossed. Definitely don’t experiment with the tiles that are actually installed!]

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