Here we go again…

A cartoon depicting Muhammad's head on a dog body

From National Review:

Swedish artist Lars Vilks was invited by an art school to participate in an exhibit with the theme, of all things, of dogs. Vilks, something of a provocateur (his website has a cartoon of a Jew?s head on a pig?s body), submitted cartoons including one with Mohammed?s head on a dog?s body (it?s connected to the contemporary Swedish craze for ?roundabout dogs,? but that?s another story). Before the exhibit opened, his drawings were removed by the organizers, citing possible security threats. Another gallery followed suit, claiming similar worries.

A Jew’s head on a pig’s body? At least he’s an equal-opportunity offender.

The protests have already started, including the government of Iran demanding that the Swedish government censor the artist. Naturally, they claim, it’s all a Zionist plot. Meanwhile the angels of tolerance in the Pakistan government are “determin[ing] the future course of action against the repetition of such provocative publications”.

Death Threats in 3… 2… 1…

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  1. Geoff Says:

    Congratulations to the Swedish newspapers for bravely standing up for free speech and publishing Larz’s artwork. Now is the time for all newspapers around the world to show solidarity in this great cause and stand together. Come on!… You know it’s the right thing to do…

  2. James Says:

    I salute you Lars Vilks for this brave act. You are a hero. Stop radicals and break them before they take over the world….

  3. Roger Says:

    Great work! It’s about time we stand up to the extremists and nut cases out there. Just last week, I was in line to go up the CN Tower, and there was a young couple kissing. I thought it was cute, but I heard and saw this muslim man 4-5 people down that found it disgusting that the girl was dressed in shorts (it was like 30-35 celsius that day) and kissing her boyfriend. They were perhaps 13-15 years old, and in puppy love!

    But this heartless animal, found that disgusting.

  4. Justin Says:

    Muslims need to grow the hell up!

  5. Raja Says:

    I’m muslim, and I believe this drawing does not agress islam…it’s even the opposite it’s kind of advertising:) Listen to Imagine (Jhon Lennon). All human should live in peace!

  6. Loïc Says:

    I don’t believe in the “swedish freedom of speech in the press”. When it comes to serious facts as deliberate non integration of muslims they say nothing, when it comes to a tremendous raise of rapists and not disclosing 80% are committed by muslims there is something wrong with that country. and not only that one. Belgium netherlands France and Germany and other examples. Europe WakeUP!

  7. shair shah Says:

    what do you western think that by doing this kind of thing you can remove the love of our beloved religion “ISLAM” from our love filled hearts for “ISLAM” can be weakened no never, never ever but it will improve more and more, it really doesn’t makes any sense by doing this kind of stuff or arts, all the Muslim world is committed to him he Muhammad (PBUH), by doing this kind of rubbish things you guys are creating problems for your own selfs, look right now to lars vilks the infidel his life is like a hell he has been attacked so many times for the sake of assassination but unfortunately survived his life is like a hell, my final saying is please stop this kind of illiterate acts it really doesn’t makes any sense but creates problem for the ones who’s doing it.

  8. DVB Says:

    Nicely written comment Shair. I particularly like the focus on grammar. Better than that though is your assertion that Lars Vilks is an “infidel” deserving of assassination. That kind of love for fellow man really draws us all to your beloved religion – not.

    Lars Vilks is a human being, like you. He is imperfect, just like you. He has free will, just like you. Whereas you choose to use your free will to be a muslim, Mr Vilks has chosen to exercise his free will differently. If God had wanted us all to be robots, then that’s how he would have made us.

    So, Mr Vilks cartoon is offensive to you? So what? Does he not have a right to feel aggrieved at the atrocities committed in the name of your beloved “ISLAM”? Sure, it maybe a tiny minority of muslims that think blowing themselves up is the answer, but unfortunately you all get tarred with the same brush. Just like all Christians suffer when Catholic priests decide to abuse children.

    In fact, Christians put up with huge amounts of abuse, but despite the many hundreds of nominally Christian denominations that get offended by this abuse, I can’t think of any that would go and indiscriminately kill other innocent humans as a result. You lot need to grow up and get a reality check.

    Look at the bombing in Sweden this week. A man with a wife and two young daughters decides to blow himself up as a result of this and the fact that Sweden has been obliged to send soldiers to Afghanistan. He blew himself up and (thankfully) only managed to injure two others. What did he achieve? Is he in “paradise” being attended by lots of virgins? No. He isn’t. He’s dead, conscious of nothing. What love he showed for his wife and daughters. How magnanimous of him to commit suicide and leave them without a husband and father. If that’s what pleases your god, then you can keep him, because those characteristics bear no relation to the God I know and love.

    Don’t you think God is big enough to fight his own battles when the time is right? No, of course you don’t. Here’s me thinking that some sort of rational thought might enter your stream of consciousness. As if!

  9. john Says:

    a good muslim is the dead muslim!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. DVB Says:

    Doesn’t that make you just as bad as they are. Live and let live I say.

  11. Stephen R Says:

    Interesting that this old post is suddenly drawing a new discussion.

    DVB: Well said.

    John: Not okay. At all.

    Shair Shah: Essentially what you are saying is “Islam is all about love and Lars Vilk should be murdered for offending us.” This is deeply, deeply wrong. This attitude is the heart of what is wrong with Islam. If you want to live in love, you must be accepting of others — even those with whom you disagree. Seriously, if you think about this at all, give some thought to the Christian concept of “turn the other cheek”.

  12. zeeshan ahmad Says:

    I am muslim, committing on shair and DVB, shair has written well regarding this matter, all of you non Muslims i want to tell you that if you study Islam yourself, all of you will never say and draw things like this, DVB you are talking this because of terrorism I will say again Islam opposes bombing. Those who are doing this killing innocence people are not good Muslim, GOOD even they can’t be called as Muslims. you non Muslim community your great men great artist (in your society they are great) great researchers such as lars vilk even didn’t think it for a moment what he is going to do, he even didn’t searched the internet for “character of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)” just after the bombing he came to his desk and drew a cartoon because he have will to do that HE IS HUMAN AS ME AS SHAIR he can expose what he thinks about ISLAM. and newspaper DARED to publish it. what’s that. as western people are popular for their literacy rate and RESEARCH. but when it comes to religious matter about ISLAM where gone your research capability. It just shows your HATE about ISLAM nothing more and by doing this you are exposing your extreme hate. You are calling for problems by yourself. By doing this you are making Muslims extreme by doing this you are announcing that “WE HATE ISLAM AND NOT ONLY ISLAM WE ARE HUMORING A MAN WHO IS CONSIDERED MOST MOST GREAT MAN ALL THE TIME IN WORLD BY 1.6 BILLION PEOPLE IN THE WORLD”

  13. zeeshan ahmad Says:

    DVB you said lars have free will we have free will to be Muslim. but the question is that in your daily routine you meet many people, your friends and family, you conduct many affairs with them but what happens when somebody doesn’t agrees you, who abuse your parents then will keep himself your friend, if you will then we may draw a conclusion that you don’t love your parents and don’t care about those how given birth to you by facing many difficulties, such as 9 months. and the other thing is that, after he abused your parents, you ends your friendship or he is not your friend as he was befor. i want to say that when your parents are abused by somebody you will have of course fight with him cold or not, your relationship will not be good longer with him.

    the same thing applies here, there are dozens of muslim countries ion the world they have also relationship with west. when such thing is published then relations will of course alter. Lars have free will to do that, but publishing these things is not by single person its by whole nation as the sweeden or denmark has supported it.

    by this those muslims who love their prophet much more than as they do by their family so doing this will of course make them aggressive.

    its showing your hate which will result in bad relations

    and the other thing you said is killing cartoonist.

    as he has teased millions of Muslim those Muslims how love their prophet much more than their own family, Prophet comes first and then family or other thing.

    so by doing this your buying Muslims hate and aggressiveness.

    cartoonist must be killed for doing this, what this statement would be wired for you because you people don’t kill those who are killer, crimminal

  14. DVB Says:

    Zeeshan Ahmed,

    You have not read my comments. How dare you accuse me of religious hatred or hatred of Muslims? I clearly stated that it is the actions of the minority that prompt reactions such as Lars Vilks’. Not only that, my comment was a reply to someone else’s comment and not a vilification of Islam.

    You do not have the right to condemn Mr Vilks, regardless of how offended you may be. He has the freedom afforded to him by the country in which he resides. Live and let live. And if it is the case that Muslim nations will change their relationship with “Western” nations as a result of the drawings of one disrespectful man and his idiot editor, then that simply serves to underline the point. Where is the tolerance in that?

    If these people are so ignorant of your wonderful religion, what are you doing about it? Do you peacefully and respectfully share your message with these ones? Well, no Muslim ever came and knocked on my door to share their enlightenment with me. Plenty of Jehovah’s Witnesses, a few Mormons, and even the local vicar, but definitely no Muslims.

    You can’t beat people into submission to try and make them believe and follow your ideals. That’s been tried already. It doesn’t work, and the man responsible died miserable in a bunker in Berlin.

    God can and will (when the time is right) fight his own battles. It is up to Him to judge not you.

    Now, get off your high horse and read other people’s comments properly before you insult them.

  15. Anonymous Says:


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