Introducing the Blackintosh

I’ve been a fan of Apple for a long time now, and I’ve weathered a lot of claims that Apple was going to go out of business any day now, or that their products aren’t any good, or too expensive, etc. etc. People like to bash the company. But today I think I’ve seen the nadir of Apple criticism. Apparently, somebody thinks ol’ Steve-o is racist, because….

Oh hell. Read it for yourself.

The name of the post is “Is apple RACIST??????? …”

I hate to use the term people of color [I’m sure you do — ed] but I didnt want to leave anyone out. by color I mean anyone not white as a ghost, sorry if I offend, but I was offended by the lack of thought. But if you are in a club, which is the best place to take pics or camping with friends, or just haveing a night out on the town you cant take a photo memory of it cause the iphone does not have a flash. I do not like looking like a little brown spot in photos with my lighter friends and i dont want to carry around a camera if my phone has a camera on it, just to much to carry[…]. I hear tail that apple mac is not going to do anything about this problem and that they are willing to lack in the giant shadow they have made.

So… this woman thinks that caucasians are “white as a ghost”, and is calling Apple racist? I wonder how she would respond if I said she was “black as pitch”. Beyond that the sheer lunacy of the claim is stunning. Really it’s a case of this person, (whose linguistic skills aren’t anything worth writing home about), using a word that she’s undoubtedly heard hundreds of times, but never understood.

Racism??? Somebody needs to read this barely-literate boob the story of the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Insta-Update: Looks like I noticed this just in time. Apple has already pulled the post.

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