Alas, poor Vista

Just looking at my site statistics (using the really amazing Woopra, which you should check out if you have a web site), and I noticed the OS breakdown for visitors to my site. Here’s the top four systems:

  • Windows XP: 38.3%
  • Windows Server 2003: 36.9%
  • Mac: 11.7%
  • Windows Vista: 7.47%

Beyond my mild annoyance that they break down every type of Windows, but lump all Mac OSes under one number, I was a bit amused by the fact that Macs outnumber Vista. Two variants of Windows at least five years old collectively outnumber Microsoft’s new flagship product ten to one.

Of course my little slice of the web isn’t going to perfectly reflect worldwide statistics, but it is one more piece of anecdotal sadness for the Regents of Redmond. I saw an article a while back (probably Joel Spolsky) suggesting that if MS sat back and did nothing but bleed money keeping themselves open, it would take then ten years to go out of business. Despite that impressive buffer, they had better get on the ball and try something new — ’cause whatever they’re doing, it’s not working.

My first thought is: get rid of Ballmer — the man’s a bully. Microsoft has used its near-monopoly like a bludgeon, but as time passes they are once again more and more at the mercy of market forces and individual consumers. Clearly he is having a hard time adjusting to that reality.

Or you could just say that Vista is Microsoft’s Copland… but then, I always thought Windows Me was Microsoft’s Copland. Heh. Showoffs.

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5 Responses to “Alas, poor Vista”

  1. Nick Prignano Says:

    Server 2008 kicks ass (in comparison to 2003). But, yes, “Death to Microsoft.”

  2. Nick Prignano Says:

    Hey, I got a bunch of php errors when posting that last comment. Thought you might want to know 🙂

    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/stride/public_html/wp-content/plugins/SK2/sk2_plugins/sk2_rbl_plugin.php:348) in /home/stride/public_html/wp-comments-post.php on line 75 (same msg ends with line 76, line 77, and line 770)

  3. Nick Prignano Says:

    weird how it still posts the comment though. maybe its your comment preview plugin? just a poorly-informed guesstimate.

  4. Strider Says:

    Something weird about one of the Spam Karma plugins. It’s disabled anyway, so I just deleted that file. (And thanks for the heads up!)

  5. Strider Says:

    Responding to you actual comment… 😉

    I’m not so much a “Death to Microsoft” type. I just wish they would learn something for once….

    Something significant in their corporate culture has to change or they’re in trouble in the long run….

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