Ah, yes… the ubiquitous links page. I’ve tried to include links that are useful, as opposed to simply throwing in everything I know of. The “Friends’ Pages” section is, however, completely gratuitous.

Philosophy/ Commentary/ Politics:

Fun Stuff:

  • Squirrel Fishing! — An unusual experiment at Harvard. . ..
  • Cheapass Games — Makers of some excellent games (at any price). Be sure to check out Brawl while you’re there.
  • GenCon — A huge Role-Playing Game/Science Fiction convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Indianapolis, Indiana every summer.

Swing Dance:

  • Don’t miss The Traveler’s Swing Dance Directory on this very site!
  • Windyhop — Comprehensive Chicago-based swing dance information, including event and class schedules, tips, links, bulletin boards, and more.
  • Ron’s Swing CD Reviews — What can I say, but. . . this guy has a lot more time to write reviews than I do!
  • — Purveyors of dance shoes, instructional videos, hard-to-find clothing, etc. . ..
  • Blue Moon Groove (Chicago) — Founded by Evin Jacobson and Noel Galang, these are the teachers I’ve mainly studied with — Recommended!
  • Big City Swing (Chicago) — Instruction and events
  • Riley and Margot (Chicago) — Instruction, DJ services, educational programs, and more. Riley is widely considered the best swing DJ in Chicago.

Friends’ Pages:

(in democratic reverse-order-in-which-I-added-them)