JavaScript Pull-Quotes plugin 1.5.3

There have been some further updates recently on the pull-quotes plugin — mostly I’ve made improvements to the Styles functionality. You can now preview styles in the Options panel without actually activating them. Styles can be within folders, which allows designers to include images and such. Pull-Quote styles can be embedded in WordPress Themes, so Theme designers can also design for pull-quotes and have it automatically kick-in if their theme is used.

There are also the usual regimen of code improvements and fixes. There was a minor bug in the side-alternation code, and other things (including version numbering consistency…) have been tightened up.

In the works down the road are (hopefully) a fix for one or two bugs related to extended ASCII, such as letters with accents. I’m also waiting on scheduled improvements to WordPress before I go back in and try to get the Rich-Text editor button working again.

Overall I’m very happy with the way the Styles functionality has worked out. The current code allows for a huge amount of customization, and I’ll be interested to see what people come up with.

If anybody comes up with a good Pull-Quote Style they’d like to share, send it to me and I’ll put it up for download on this site.


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