You might have noticed that the new theme is a bit boring.

I’ve been wanting to make a customized theme for this blog for a while. One of the problems was finding a good starting point, as starting from the default theme provided with WordPress means having to go through and strip out all the stuff particular to that theme first. I was looking for a good “blank slate” from which to base my designs.

As I looked at various themes out there, I found a few I liked, but many were, simply put, poorly coded — and led to much more frustration than they were worth. Finally, just today, I struck gold.

I’ve found a new WordPress theme that was deliberately designed to be extremely basic, because its raison d’etre is to be customized. The author has also been very careful in designing it with stable, solid code and markup that makes it easy to customize using just CSS and not having to much with PHP. So in the next couple weeks as I have time I fully intend to be making some changes around here. This place needs a new coat of paint!

The theme is called “Sandbox”, and you can get it at

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