Recently got a comment that seemed a little … fishy. It was on one of my WordPress plugin pages, and read something like “Interesting, I’ve never seen it explained that way before.” The page presents my plugin, but doesn’t really explain anything beyond presenting the plugin itself.

So I checked out the author link. Not totally spammy, really. The guy has some legitimate articles about blogging on there (assuming he didn’t scrape them from other sites). Then, three posts down, I see this post:

Comment Spamming? Really? Says Who?
December 7th, 2007 · No Comments

Recently, I have been reading about comment spamming. You know, where you go around various blogs and leave your comment just to get a link. And I don?t agree that it doesn?t work[….]


Hmmmm. You backlink your blog to my site, and lead me right to a post about how you think spamming people’s comments is a good idea.

D00d, that’s got “Akismet submission” written all over it. Seeya.


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