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Virtual Multiblog 2.4

Okay, folks. A user pointed out a recent bug that can prevent the VUSER from being determined correctly. It probably accounts for the vast majority of the “This isn’t working” reports we’ve been getting around here lately. Sorry about that. … Continue reading

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Winna Winna Winna!

Look, Ma, I won somethin’! Hmmm… “1 Theme of Choice from“. Not too bad. I’ve been thinking about maybe sprucing the place up a bit….

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Technical Difficulties…

A reader (or at least someone who tried to be one…) emailed me to point out that my site was down for a good portion of the day. To further the embarrassment, in place of my content was a PHP … Continue reading

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Consolidate Options with Arrays in your WordPress Plugins

If you’ve ever written a plugin for WordPress you’ve probably dealt with giving the end user options. Unless you’ve taken the low road and forced the user to directly edit the plugin file, “options” means a Settings screen in the … Continue reading

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WordPress plugin attribution footer — update

In a recent post I showed how to put an attribution in the footer of your plugin’s admin screen. In the example I gave, I used a format of: MyWidget plugin | Version 1.0 I have seen a few plugins … Continue reading

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Virtual Multiblog and WordPress 2.6

This is an important note to anyone using my Virtual Multiblog system for WordPress: WordPress version 2.6 is going to be released very soon. Until I have had time to test Virtual Multiblog on WP 2.6, I recommend that you … Continue reading

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Paged Comments for WordPress “Sandbox” Theme

The page for my Virtual Multiblog system has grown to contain over 200 comments, which, while gratifying, makes for a long load time and a lot of scrolling. Yesterday, I noticed on Ozh’s web site that he has paged comments, … Continue reading

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