Technical Difficulties…

A reader (or at least someone who tried to be one…) emailed me to point out that my site was down for a good portion of the day. To further the embarrassment, in place of my content was a PHP error message pointing a finger squarely at the Shrinkylink plugin that I just yesterday used as an example in a tutorial article.

I just wanted to put on the record that the error had nothing to do with what I described in that article, in which we turned version 0.2 of the plugin into a working version 0.3.

The error was in fact a small-but-significant oversight in the process of turning out version 0.4, which, beyond shutting me down for a few hours, you haven’t seen yet. Funny, it worked just fine on my local test blog — not sure why, actually….

I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

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