Graceful Pull-Quotes is now “Official”

Just letting you all know that my Graceful Pull-Quotes plugin is now hosted on the official WordPress Extend repository. That means it will automatically pop up updates in the WP admin, and hopefully more people will find it and use it. It also makes it a bit easier for me to post updates, as I merely have to commit to the repository rather than manually creating a zip file, uploading to my site, and updating the plugin’s page with the new version info.

So… advantages all around. Some small drawbacks as well (fiddly technical stuff). No significant feature changes, just some minor code adjustments for the change of venue, and the plugin’s directory has been changed to reflect its new name.

If you install the new version you may have to manually deactivate and delete the old one — on my blog they both showed up as separate plugins. This happens because of the change in the folder containing the plugin. Just delete the old one and activate the new one. You shouldn’t have any issues.


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5 Responses to Graceful Pull-Quotes is now “Official”

  1. Great! I’ve been using this for more than a year and had to download it from your site every time I was going to install it. A really great plug-in, the best pull-quote plugin-in I’ve found.
    This makes it a lot easier!
    I would like to suggest to create a button for the post/page-editor to make it easier to put those pull-quotes in the text – at the moment I use Graceful Pull-Quotes together with HTML Editor Reloaded-plugin to do this.
    Thank you for a great plug-in!
    / Ulf Liljankoski

  2. Silverfish says:

    Nice, glad to hear it’s hosted now. Also, you should post more. No need in making us wait another year to get another post.

  3. Stephen R says:

    Ken — Go to the main plugin page on this site and read the “How Do I Use It?” section:

    Basically, you need to switch to the HTML editor and surround the chosen text with an HTML Span tag.

  4. Stephen R says:

    <span class="pullquote">This is an example of text that will be turned into a pull-quote.</span>

    You should do the span just like that in the Text editor. The Span tags will not be visible in the Visual editor.

  5. Stephen R says:

    I’m not sure if what you typed got distorted by the site software, but all I see with that text is it’s contained in Code tags. You need Span tags, and you need the class="pullquote" inside the Span tag, per the example above.

    Perhaps you could send me a link to the page in question. A quick look might tell me what’s going on. (Make sure the plugin is activated so I can see what it’s doing.)

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