Log Deprecated Calls 1.3

Another update! This one I’m very happy with — I’ve made an improvement that vastly improves the efficiency of the database table.

The original version of the plugin was banged out in an afternoon, and as a result it didn’t make the best use of the database. I’ve always meant to go back and fix this, and now it’s done.

Previously, each deprecated call resulted in a new record in the database. If you left it running for a while, you could end up with quite a large table. In the new version, it looks to see if this same call already exists in the table, and if so, it simply hits a counter on the existing entry. You could now leave this running indefinitely without any database issues (though you probably wouldn’t, as it’s still mainly intended for developers).

I would appreciate bug reports on this plugin. There may be an intermittent bug in setting Options which I can’t seem to duplicate. Thanks.

Go get it! and Enjoy.

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